About Us

When you drive up and down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), you can feel and taste the ocean in the air. You can park anywhere along the coastline, put your feet in the sand and look at the beautiful ocean in front of you. And for many of us, we just want to watch the surfers ride the waves and appreciate the love of the sport.

Growing up in San Diego, Bobby Gardner started his love for surfing at the age of 12. His older cousin Melanie wasn’t allowed to go to the beach by herself, so she had to take Bobby. While she sat on the beach talking to all the surfers, Bobby would take her surfboard out in the water and ended up teaching himself. He became so addicted to it he eventually bought the surfboard from her and when she couldn’t take him, he hitched hiked to the beach.

That surfboard would become one of many boards he would own. He taught his kids to surf and then his grandkids. To his family he is the Old Relic of Surfing, one of the greats who pass their skills on to the next generation.

The Old Relic branding was first conceptualized by Cyndee Gardner. A drawing was found in one of her art books a few weeks after she passed away. This Old Relic prehistoric fish was the design she had sketched years ago for Bobby, her husband. It was her representation, of a tribute, to those who loved what they grew up doing and now are the Old Relics.

For Southern California, the surf and snow are a way of life. The big joke is… you can surf in the morning and snowboard by the afternoon. But you don’t have to be from SoCal to appreciate the surf and snow. Old Relic is for all those around the world who have spent their whole lives playing in the water or snow.

It’s for the Legends who have been cutting the path (and continue to so) for others so they can enjoy what they have doing for decades now. Like we say…